A Quick Guide to Selling Your Home


Selling your home is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. When you approach the sale as a step by step process, you will discover it doesn’t take long and can be the catalyst that propels you toward an exciting new chapter in your life.

The first thing you should do is sign a listing agreement with a Realtor you trust. This person will be responsible for helping you receive the best possible price for your home, so make sure to choose them carefully! Once a listing agreement is signed, the Realtor will put a ‘For Sale’ sign in a prominent location on the property, and the home will be listed on the market.

Your Realtor will have access to Multiple Listing Service or MLS. While most individuals search for properties on Zillow or Realtor.com, the MLS network helps other Realtors discover that a property is for sale. After listing on MLS, your Realtor will execute a marketing plan. Often this includes social media marketing, flyers, and at least one Open House.

A successful Open House takes planning. Your Realtor should market your Open House a few days in advance so that prospective buyers or even just casual browsers can plan to drop by. You never know who will decide this is their dream home! Everything from refreshments to atmospheric music should be carefully considered and planned out at least a few days in advance.

After the Open House, you will have requests for a private tour. Your Realtor will handle all of these and work with you to schedule them at a convenient time. If you have already moved, a lockbox will be installed for the Buyer’s Agent to show the property. This flexibility is very helpful, and all visits are supervised by the Buyer’s Agent or your Realtor.

Once a private tour has completed, you will receive an offer. It is critical to take your time and review it carefully with your Realtor! This is probably one of the largest financial transactions of your life. It is okay to sleep on it and before making a decision. Also, don’t forget you have the right to negotiate terms until you and the buyer have a satisfactory agreement. When you choose to accept an offer, the buyer has three days to deposit escrow to the Title Company.

From there, you will have a specific period of time to allow the buyer to complete an Inspection. When the inspection is finished, they will let you know if they want any repairs made on the home. You have the right to negotiate this, too. They can ask for anything they wish, and you have the right to say no if you feel it is a deal-breaker. Your Realtor will let you know if the requests are reasonable and ordinary for the situation. After you’ve worked this out, the lender will schedule an appraisal to confirm the property is worth the amount of the loan.

The last step is the best, you sign papers at closing and receive a check for any proceeds! As you can see, it’s a straightforward process that leads to a great reward.

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