3 Things You Should Never Do When Selling a Home


If you’re planning on selling your property, you probably want it to sell fast. There are a few critical mistakes that could set you back. Follow this advice, and don’t let your house sit on the market any longer than necessary.

1. Do not overprice your home

Everyone wants top dollar for their home. That’s natural and often comes from the emotional attachment you have to it. However, if you price your home too high, you will price out buyers who would otherwise be interested or turn off those who can afford the higher price but have better options.

This causes your home to languish on the market and is terrible for your negotiating position. After a couple of months on the market, buyers and their agents will begin to believe something is wrong with it. Your only options will be to pull your home off the market and relist at a later date or decide to slash the price to less than you wanted.

2. Do not hide problems

If you are not willing or able to correct problems with your home prior to selling, it is critical, to be honest, and transparent at all times. You may have a legal responsibility to potential buyers about what needs repairing. A failed home inspection is one of the most common reasons real estate deals fall through. And if the buyer thinks you knew about the problems but did not tell them, who could blame them for pulling out?

Do not waste your time or the buyers. Disclose any important information, price your home accordingly, and be transparent.

3. Do not drop by during a showing

Many sellers get anxious about strangers being in their home. That is perfectly natural. It is also one reason why you have a real estate agent. Your Realtor is there to protect your best interests and will be keeping a careful eye on the prospective buyers.

Other times a seller will feel like they could answer some detailed questions or point out a special quirk of the home that they found especially useful. While these sellers have the best of intentions, it is best to give the buyers a little freedom to imagine themselves in the space. Let your agent help them fall in love with the property naturally, and the offer you’ve been waiting for will come.

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